You can make an appointment with one of our psychologists by contacting them directly via the 'Contact me' button via their profile on the website. You can also use the 'Contact Us' button below and you will be assigned a psychologist with the earliest availability.

    To ensure a smooth start for your therapy, please let us know of your preference for the location, language, or therapist in the contact form. 

    Your psychologist will reach out to you to schedule a 15-minute phone consultation to understand your most pressing needs and ensure that we are a suitable match for you. After our call, the first face-to-face or online session will be scheduled.

    The initial assessment session usually lasts 1-hour. Subsequent sessions are 50 minutes, sparing 10 minutes for administrative tasks. 

    In the initial assessment session, you will have a conversation with your psychologist about your concerns, establish goals for the therapy, and agree on ways to work towards those goals. Your progress and well-being will be regularly evaluated throughout the therapy. Based on these evaluations, together you will review and modify the therapy goals when needed. 

    Therapy sessions take place either in person (The Hague or Utrecht) or online based on how you and your therapist agree upon.