The cost for one Individual Session is 90€ and the cost for one Couple's Counselling session is 120€.

The costs include:

  • An assessment session of 60 minutes (Fully dedicated to the session)
  • Regular session of 60 minutes (50 minutes dedicated to the session and 10 minutes for post-session record keeping)
  • Session preparation, treatment planning and evaluation
  • Supervision with other professionals
  • Availability for answering your questions during office hours (response time usually within 2 business days)
  • Administrative tasks (Documentation, contract drafting, material preparation, etc.)

Cancellation Policy:
We require a 24-hour notice period if you cannot attend a session. In case of failure to do so, we will unfortunately have to charge the full fee for the session. Understandably, unpredictable situations may happen once in a while. In these cases, please discuss possible solutions with your psychologist.

Outland Psychology is a a private practice and we do not currently hold agreements with insurance providers. Clients are therefore responsible for the payment of their session fees.